Every life has value and must be preserved, nurtured and celebrated to its greatest potential.

OneLifeWarrior advocates an unapologetic approach to living through Health Awareness and Risk Reduction in overcoming the challenges of life. It is our goal to create a living OneLifeWarrior metaphor of Resiliency and to inspire all Warriors to take the initiative in determining the course of their lives regardless of the adversity that lay before them.

OneLifeWarrior is founded as a multi-year campaign to foster Resiliency in service members, families and in America’s citizens. The OneLifeWarrior Campaign is dedicated to developing a Warrior spirit in everyone. Being a Warrior means combining physical and mental toughness with assuming responsibility for one's actions. “One Life” seeks to raise the national conscience on issues of individual and family wellness programming and long-term care for veterans. The Resiliency Run is the annual demonstration of our commitment to the ideals of the OneLifeWarrior Campaign.

OneLife News:

118th Boston Marathon Strong

In a few short weeks, over 30,000 athletes will gather in the small town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts for the running of the 118th Boston Marathon! Each runner has spent the past year training and dedicating themselves to the preparation of this life event and the most famous marathon in the world. The tragic events of last year’s marathon have only added to the desire of the entire running community to run free and strong in open defiance of those who attempted to steal away the joy of this annual celebration of life, health and athleticism.

Every runner that crosses the starting line on April 21, 2014 will have in their hearts a cause for which they are running. Many have overcome great adversity, while others seek to achieve their goals as athletes. Most will stride in memory of loved ones or in the name of those who live in affinity due to their personal sacrifice. I will run for Corporal Andrew L. Hutchins of New Portland, Maine who died in Afghanistan on November 8, 2010 widowing his childhood sweetheart and wife, Heather, who was pregnant with their first child Alyssa.

Andy was a remarkable young man and an exceptional soldier who carried his Maine work ethic and discipline to the Profession of Arms. He was an outdoorsman and a natural leader in the United States Army Military Police Corps. His maturity, careness of others and quick wit made him very popular among his fellow soldiers. His abiding love for Heather was the romance of a lifetime. Like so many of our nation’s heroes, Andy died defending the country he loved and surrounded by his fellow soldiers who loved him as much as the people of Maine.

I have donated $2,500 dollars (half of my $5,000 goal) in Andy’s name to the Run for the Fallen, which is a Maine charity that provides support to our Maine Gold Star Families (www.runforthefallenmaine.org). This 100% volunteer organization organizes fundraisers, meetings, dinners and scholarships for families like Heather’s and every penny of each donation is given to the families and tax deductable. I am asking your organization to consider a gift of what you can within your budget to support this remarkable cause.

This campaign is open until May 21, 2014 and you may give through the following secure and validated website at www.crowdrise.com/ColonelJackMosher . You may also wish to contact me directly at the above phone number to ask any questions regarding your decision to support this honored run to the finish line on Boylston Street in Downtown Boston. I hope that your team will make the decision to support The Run for the Fallen and think of Corporal Andy Hutchins and his family on April 21, 2014. I thank you in advance for your kind consideration.

God bless you, OneLife Warriors…keep running and I’ll see you tomorrow!!!

100K East Coast Run

Friends, as many of you are aware Resiliency Run 2013 in Medellin, Colombia was postponed due to the unexpected death of my children’s mom. To make up that run and as a dedication to Carol, I will depart Maine tomorrow 14 February 2014 and complete an East Coast road trip from Maine to Key West while running a 20K training run in Maine, North Carolina, Miami, Key West and Pensacola for a 100K total. These runs will highlight the Spiritual, Emotional, Psychological and Physical cornerstones of the OneLife Warrior Health Awareness and Risk Reduction theme for Resiliency. I hope you will follow this journey at OneLifeWarrior.org and at Resiliency Run on Facebook as I chronicle the journey in journal entries and pictures.

God bless you, OneLife Warriors…keep running and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Rest Your Hearts

Rest your hearts this Holy Night, OneLife Warriors. It is Christmas Eve and time to set aside your troubles of the day. Let go of the hardships and adversity of life and whatever may be weighing upon your shoulders. Know in your heart that you are very much loved and needed.

Tomorrow brings another day of hope and opportunity with the promise of better times ahead. Be thankful for the blessings you have even if you are struggling today. You are strong and resilient. There is nobody like you in the world and we are richer for the warmth of your presence here among us.

Thought the night may be dark, the light of life is all around you and you are not alone. You are precious, irreplaceable and a blessing.

Merry Christmas to each of you with many thanks for the sacrifices you have made for all of us.

God bless you, OneLife Warriors…keep running and I’ll see you tomorrow!

















Plan B for Resiliency Run 2013

First, let me express my sincere gratitude to our many friends from the running community who have sent their regards and condolences to our family. For those of you who maybe have not heard, I arrived in Colombia to begin the 2013 Resiliency Run 100K only to learn that my former wife had decided to end her life that same day. I immediately returned to Maine to inform our children of this tragedy and have spent the remainder of this month with the boys and loved ones. Again, thank you all for your much appreciated support and love during this sad time.

Carol will remain a major source of motivation for my advocacy of Health Awareness and Risk Reduction as we struggle to come to terms with her loss. The simultaneous rage and grieve that has churned within my heart since John greeted me at the airport with the words, “Carol committed suicide today, Jack,” is almost inexpressible. All the speeches, self study, conferences, life experience and personal relationships could not have prepared me for that moment when the dark specter snatched from us someone so close, so precious.

I have discussed with my closest friends plans to complete this year’s Resiliency Run within the calendar year, seeking their counsel and wisdom. I believe that I will conduct an East Coast road trip to Boston, New York, Washington, Fayetteville, Savannah, Miami and Key West for 26.2 miles each day…driving and running respectively. Something like that…and, of course, writing daily about the experience. It’s consistent with the theme of completing a daily marathon regardless of the adversity that stands in the path of fulfillment.

Clearly, as November closes, that leaves me one month to pull this off and most running comes with its own challenge for logistics. Regardless of the time and space issues of running long distances to complete the Resiliency Run, we will certainly close the year with our fifth event well executed and look forward to a better year ahead. As we complete our “Plan B” for Resiliency Run 2013, we will share the details through this site and Facebook, as always.

In closing, I hope that this Thanksgiving found you surrounded by loved ones and in good spirits, realizing that holidays can often be difficult for many…I share this with you both in joy and in the spaces left behind by so many. Never forget that you are precious, irreplaceable and the light of your life is a blessing on this Earth. All of life’s problems are temporary and will bend to the will of your resilience so long as you never, never, never surrender. I love you, and so do many others who have been waiting their whole lives to meet you and enjoy your company.

God bless you, OneLife Warriors…keep running and I’ll see you tomorrow!